It’s never just a game when you are winning

The esport industry

Overview on gaming sector


Esports are basically video games competitions. But playing online or live videogames with friends is enough to claim you are doing esports? Actually not: there would be the same difference existing between playing football with friends and competing in an organized tournament. This is exactly the main feature of esports:competitively playing online against other people, professionally too, whose matches are live-streamed and watched by other people, most of the time through organized special events.

A growing sector

In 2020, the volume of revenues of theeSports sector almost reached the billion of dollars, an amount that according to some estimates will exceed in 2021, getting near1,7 billions. Esports have by now a significant turnover within the largest sector of gaming in general, attracting the attention of the traditional sport too.There is still some reluctance to accept esports in the authentic olympic disciplines, but the awareness of the need to find one or more meeting points in order to collaborate and share the same audience, in particular the younger, is increasing.


Electronic sports: Some historical notes

Taken from Wikipedia

The first organized competition of videogames of which we know was a small tournament of Space war! It was run onOctober 19 1972 at the University ofStanford with about 20 participants, sponsored by Rolling Stone which offered as first prize an annual subscription to the magazine.

In 1980, Atari organized in the USA a tournament of Space Invaders for Atari2600 which attracted more than 10.000participants. After about 6 months full of events scattered around the country, in the spring of 1981 the final was run at theUniversity of Connecticut in Stamford.

A large growth of the phenomenon happened at the end of 1990s, with the introduction of huge sponsored competitions, broadcast on tv channels too.The first professional International Championship is the Cyber-athlete Professional League, founded in 1997.

The proliferation of competitions with prize pools also close to 2 billions of dollars has led to the creation of professional leagues in every country of the world and to the formation of professional teams. The increasing availability of multimedia platforms in online streaming, in, has become fundamental for the growth and promotion of eSport competitions.