At any time and before the screen

Beyond the videogame

Skills that make the difference

Some studies have highlighted how

playing videogames can help
to develop physical and mental skills

that go beyond simpleentertainment.


Gaming improves hand/eye coordination.The eyesight can become more focused:the eagle eye is one of the best gamer’s features. It improves the speed of (game)context analysis to react and make quick choices.


Many games push players to find a creative and inventive way to get to the solution.Living in virtual world stimulates imagination: the storytelling of a game can have the same impact as cinema, romances, comics, plus it is interactive.


Scientific studies have shown how the brain areas of gamers are better interconnected and work in greater harmony. The area that works better is the hemisphere responsible for logic and analytical thinking.


The players that most frequently engage in cooperative multiplayer, used to work together with strangers to achieve victory, are far less aggressive than the average. Often the outcome of the game depend sentirely on the team and the strategy planned together.

With Beaths we went further

we brought the gaming experience
to a next level

creating the world’s first clothes entirely designed to support the performances of professional gamers.

b-tech collection


The world’s first clothing collection totally designed and produced to support the performances of the most demanding gamers. From the research and selection of fabrics to the design created around the motor activities of pro-gamers during their training sessions and intense competitionsA collection of products entirely thought and developed for anyone who wants to give the best in every circumstance without giving up the comfort.