born digitally
perfected for gamers

To improve the performances of the most demanding gamers, we have developed anew concept of clothing. Innovative solutions generated by the experience and needs of gaming experts .The result?

pro series one

more boost comfort

We design each item with great attention to details, in order to guarantee maximum comfort for you in every circumstance. To support you during long gaming sessions, to accompany you on your journeys to the competitions of your champions or simply to make you feel comfortable while you watch your favourite tv show.

blast your performances

In collaboration with gaming experts, we analyze video gamers' needs in terms of mobility and interaction with the devices.We produce clothing designed for every type of gamers, from the one who approaches this world for the first time to the most demanding fan.We support the performances and bring your style to the next level.

Our products:

designed for everyone,
developed on you.

Made for gamers by gamers

let's dress
the future.


Research and technology for the fabric ofour products, to meticulously support the performances, by offering wearability, mobility and comfort perfect in every circumstance. To give you, today, a piece of the future.

the process

From concept to design, following every stage in the production chain until the final product. We create our items with the love and passion of who wants to give the best on every occasion. The direct dialogue with our audience, the people and the research make Beaths the benchmark of excellence for gaming clothing.

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