Feel the beat, be athletes

Discovering Beaths

Authenticity, performance, membership

The love for gaming and the passion forfashion have given birth to a unique andambitious project.

About us

Beaths is short for “Be Athletes”, and at the same time nods to the rhythm beats. It is the heartbeats echoing in our head, when the blood begins to pulsate stronger. When there is a challenge to face, an enemy to defeat, a level to pass. Beaths is the onlyItalian brand of streetwear clothing for those who love gaming and esport. Its distinctive values are authenticity, performance and membership, while its language is innovative and modern, constructed with blows of bits in the last few years.

Our journey is characterized by knowledge and love for the esport and gaming sector:whether it is playing, growing the community or designing t-shirts and sweaters. We produce streetwear clothing and accessories, developing the product from the concept and following all the stages in the production chain so as to have the maximum control over quality.Products that offer a unique experience and focus on the individual, lovers, players and their needs.



The values fostered by Beaths are authenticity, performance and membership.Beaths has been created for real people, who go beyond commonplaces and knowhow to reverse them. Beaths supports communities and stimulates socialization and open exchange among people. It loves travels, real or virtual: imagination, creativity and discovery are the core values. Beaths aims to inclusion: gaming has taught us that there are no existing barriers due to disability, genre or country of origin.


Our mission is to find innovative solutions able to ease the specific movements of gamers through clothes designed to ensure comfort in every circumstance. Our clothing is based on the needs and desires of gamers and it defines the membership in the tribe of gamers and digital athletes. We aim to become a benchmark in Italy in this sector and to see our clothes at the service of the best performances.


A Beaths ambassador is he/she who makes the brand’s values his own and becomes a sound box of them. Ambassador is he/she who finds in our products the key to be freer in movements in front of the screen and beyond. Ambassadors are the gamers who just can’t get enough of t-shirts, snapbacks and hoodies designed by gamers for gamers. If you are a gamer, find out how to become an ambassador and get our special products. Become Beaths Ambassador, many benefits and an inspired community are waiting for you.

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