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If you love our products and our activities,you are in the right place!

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Our Ambassadors form a community created by boys and girls who believe in our brand, follow us with passion, love our products, share our activities and values. To be a Beaths Ambassador allow you to get closer to our reality, to have access to exclusive benefits and to preview the backstories and our products.

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Build the future, Together.

The main values
of our Ambassadors


Cultivate your goals, follow your dreams with bravery and ambition and discover the best way to be yourself. That’s what we doin Beahts.


Build relationships with people who share your passions, create synergies, networking and new friendships.


Start the engine and gun it, achieve your goals, have access to exclusive benefits and live your dream to the fullest.

An Ambassador’s duties

Representing and sharing

You are the face of our brand and as such your duty is to represent and share Beaths reality in the best possible way.

Following the activities

From social media to online and offline events. You comments and likes, your active presence in our activities...that’s what we expect from you!

Supporting our initiatives

From new products to polls and beyond. You support is essential and our Ambassadors are ready for anything!

be the one

Build the future, Together.

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