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Discovering Twitch

The Z generation’s platform

Twitch is the most used platform in the world for staying informed and following all the news about the gaming and esports world. The live streaming website owned byAmazon is evolving, moving from being an aggregator of live streamings of contents related to video games to an authentic, new, entertainment and informative media.

Anyone can sign up and stream but also watch other streamers’ lives or communicate through the chat.The platform contains, in fact, communities regarding many different topics. For those who approach it for the first time, Twitch appears to be a kind of alternative tv through which streamers go live during their gaming session or debate various topics entertaining the users who follow them. Users can then decide whether to become followers, interact through the chat, subscribe the streamer’s channel or support him through donations. The creation of the community, the relationship between the creators and their followers, the constant interaction also improved by the platform’s tools, are the reason for Twitch's success.

Twitch streamers’ voice

“Twitch is a long and difficult way. In the last years it has grown a lot and emerging has become very challenging.”

“I returned to Twitch after some years and I had the opportunity to create a personal community very attached which I enjoy every day.”

“I think that Twitch is the television of the future. A mix of entertainment and instant interaction”.

Up to 4 billions of Italians are estimated to approach Twitch every month.According to Nielsen research society, which has analysed the first 10.000 Italian channels, the most followed games are Fortnite and League of Legends: the two video games with more hours followed onTwitch in Italy, a data recorded to a global level too. In particular, Italian gamers have a clear predisposition for Epic games, showing a preference of 23,45%. This is followed by Apex Legends, Rainbow SixSiege, GTA V and FIFA football series.

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